"Life is chaotic, full of ups and downs. With a home, it gives ground to this thing we call life. A home can bring rejuvenation from a tough day at work, a space where you can relax with your friends, or even a memory collection of your earlier days. "

Why Us?

Our greatest achievement would be to see you succeed.  At Jade Royale, you can expect customised solutions to your problems from us working with you every step of the way. 

This is your journey, a journey that we want to be apart of.

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

Buying or investing in real estate is a big turning point in life, whether good or bad. Unfortunately, when an honest opinion or knowledge is required, it is not usually provided. When decisions needs to be made, how simple would it be to have an expert by your side? And thus, Jade Royale was born.

Our Mission

We want to provide you with the best experience ever regardless if you are purchasing your first home or selling your hundredth. Service is our cause and we want to make sure you have our full support and care. We are determined to help people purchase property safely as an investment or as an owner.

Our Vision

We want to be the unstoppable force that helps people into homes to a point where more people would own their own home. At the same time, we want to see increasing numbers of people retiring with sufficient income during their days of retirement. We want to make the world a more humane place to live in by allowing good people to have a place they can call home.